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Competitors entered to Vikingträffen, dag 2, medel

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Name: Vikingträffen, dag 2, medel
Organiser: IK Vikings OK
Date: Sunday 21 May 2017

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Skattkärrs SOK (17)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Kjell AnderssonSkattkärrs SOKH752062705
Edith BergenfurSkattkärrs SOKD1047295
Jonas BergenfurSkattkärrs SOKH45710209
Lilly BergenfurSkattkärrs SOKU1448620
Elin BlomkvistSkattkärrs SOKD18 Elit916000
Håkan BlomkvistSkattkärrs SOKH50670528
Arvo HyvönenSkattkärrs SOKH80860636
Nils JanssonSkattkärrs SOKH8036178
Alfred NybergSkattkärrs SOKH121060224
Ella NybergSkattkärrs SOKD101080522
Jenny NybergSkattkärrs SOKD211830402
Mikael NybergSkattkärrs SOKH211810706
Alva RööhsSkattkärrs SOKU1262848
Felicia RööhsSkattkärrs SOKD12262838
Lina RööhsSkattkärrs SOKD21780211
Mikael RööhsSkattkärrs SOKH45701016
Bengt SvedjebySkattkärrs SOKH60448602


Hallands 3 dagars
Hallands 3 dagars
Orienteringsmagasinet 1 kr