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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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Kalmar OK (8)

NameClassTeam lineup
Kalmar OK 1D12
1Linn Björneld2104231
2Elvira Skobe42649
3Linn Björneld
4Elvira Skobe
Kalmar OK 1D14
1Filippa Söderberg1426461
2Linnea Skobe2107443
3Filippa Söderberg
4Linnea Skobe
Kalmar OK 1H14
1Hugo Unosson2107428
2Lukas Hagberg1160612
3Hugo Unosson
4Lukas Hagberg
Kalmar OK 1H16
1Isak Hagberg1721729
2Adrian Skobe2088520
3Isak Hagberg
4Adrian Skobe
Kalmar OK 1D21
1Maria Arvidsson870317
2Anna Arvidsson920406
3Maria Arvidsson
4Anna Arvidsson
5Maria Arvidsson
6Anna Arvidsson
Kalmar OK 1H21
1Olle Björneld2104243
2Jonathan Konradsson2101824
3Olle Björneld
4Jonathan Konradsson
5Olle Björneld
6Jonathan Konradsson
Kalmar OK 1H45
1Kent Lindblad630064
2Bo Salomonson560531
3Kent Lindblad630064
4Bo Salomonson560531
Kalmar OK 1H55
1Stefan Unosson2104226
2Ove Lernå600524
3Stefan Unosson2104226
4Ove Lernå600524