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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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Karlskrona SOK (9)

NameClassTeam lineup
Karlskrona SOK 1H12
1Kasper Fager444719
2Jakob Omelchenko444710
3Kasper Fager444719
4Jakob Omelchenko444710
Karlskrona SOK 2H12
1Måns Fridström7060806
2Simon Silverskär2107164
3Måns Fridström7060806
4Simon Silverskär2107164
Karlskrona SOK 3H12
1Adam Andersson7051022
2Nico Mankonen2800744
3Adam Andersson7051022
4Nico Mankonen2800744
Karlskrona SOK 1D14
1Sandra Widuch1411411
2Emma Larsson8050810
3Sandra Widuch1411411
4Emma Larsson8050810
Karlskrona SOK 1H14
1Anton Törnqvist7474111
2Hugo Larsson9030219
3Anton Törnqvist7474111
4Hugo Larsson9030219
Karlskrona SOK 1H16
1Maxim Omelchenko7020313
2Jakob Wilhelmsson7071723
3Maxim Omelchenko7020313
4Jakob Wilhelmsson7071723
Karlskrona SOK 1D21
1Johanna Wilhelmsson808182
2Annika Josefsson12577
3Johanna Wilhelmsson808182
4Annika Josefsson12577
5Johanna Wilhelmsson808182
6Annika Josefsson12577
Karlskrona SOK 1D35
1Susanna Caleklint7908140
2Ann-Sofie Silverskär2107162
3Susanna Caleklint7908140
4Ann-Sofie Silverskär2107162
Karlskrona SOK 1H35
1Johan Fridström7700325
2Stefan Caleklint7502040
3Johan Fridström7700325
4Stefan Caleklint7502040