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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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OK Njudung (11)

NameClassTeam lineup
OK Njudung 1H12
1Olle Petersén9050517
2Wilhelm Karmetun7760520
3Olle Petersén9050517
4Wilhelm Karmetun7760520
OK Njudung 2H12
1Matti Johansson2059192
2Evanna Johansson2059146
3Matti Johansson2059192
4Evanna Johansson2059146
OK Njudung 2H14
1Alexander Gustafsson9415729
2Filip Jennerstrand448431
3Alexander Gustafsson9415729
4Filip Jennerstrand448431
OK Njudung 1D16
1Amanda Karmetun7021126
2Ellen Toll9619427
3Amanda Karmetun7021126
4Ellen Toll9619427
OK Njudung 1H16
1Albin Toll7543288
2Karl Petersén7020210
3Albin Toll7543288
4Karl Petersén7020210
OK Njudung 2H16
1Melker Elofsson9010306
2Oscar Hultgren448444
3Melker Elofsson9010306
4Oscar Hultgren448444
OK Njudung 1D35
1Cecilia Karmetun7750915
2Maria Sundberg345270
3Cecilia Karmetun7750915
4Maria Sundberg345270
OK Njudung 1H35
1Joakim Karmetun7730821
2Anders Petersson1700509
3Joakim Karmetun7730821
4Anders Petersson1700509
OK Njudung 2H35
1Thomas Elofsson2059159
2Tomas Petersén449296
3Thomas Elofsson2059159
4Tomas Petersén449296
OK Njudung 1D45
1Marina Johansson9101405
2Ulrika Ribbholm2059172
3Marina Johansson9101405
4Ulrika Ribbholm2059172
OK Njudung 1H45
1Dennis Toll9101429
2Jonny Johansson17240
3Dennis Toll9101429
4Jonny Johansson17240