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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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OK Orion (17)

NameClassTeam lineup
OK Orion 1D12
1Selma Leopold7070108
2Malva Larsson18557
3Selma Leopold7070108
4Malva Larsson18557
OK Orion 1H12
1Nils Swartz2058124
2Oliver Håkansson820380
3Nils Swartz2058124
4Oliver Håkansson820380
OK Orion 2H12
1Carl Spåhl262490
2Axel Bratt8050420
3Carl Spåhl262490
4Axel Bratt8050420
OK Orion 3H12
1Filip Myrén9071219
2Hugo Flink1070904
3Filip Myrén9071219
4Hugo Flink1070904
OK Orion 4H12
1James Meng302508
2Karl Pettersson306879
3James Meng302508
4Karl Pettersson306879
OK Orion 5H12
1Erik Leopold7080122
2Carl Åkesson306886
3Erik Leopold7080122
4Carl Åkesson306886
OK Orion 1D14
1Hilda Lindell402821
2Lisa Swartz2058218
3Hilda Lindell402821
4Lisa Swartz2058218
OK Orion 2D14
1Vilma Engström2057315
2Ella Bratt555503
3Vilma Engström2057315
4Ella Bratt555503
OK Orion 1H14
1Filip Håkansson8130416
2Erik Oscarsson2065300
3Filip Håkansson8130416
4Erik Oscarsson2065300
OK Orion 2H14
1Melker Larsson1041209
2Amanda Svensson2062074
3Melker Larsson1041209
4Amanda Svensson2062074
OK Orion 1D16
1Nellie Nilsson9587749
2Klara Andersson1060302
3Nellie Nilsson9587749
4Klara Andersson1060302
OK Orion 1H35
1Malin Svensson740527
2Lars-Ola Larsson670124
3Malin Svensson740527
4Lars-Ola Larsson670124
OK Orion 2H35
1Semona Nilsson450892
2Mats Andersson435798
3Semona Nilsson450892
4Mats Andersson435798
OK Orion 3H35
1Jens Söderström2093276
2Anders Leopold9771005
3Jens Söderström2093276
4Anders Leopold9771005
OK Orion 4H35
1Lena Swartz9620620
2Johan Swartz262490
3Lena Swartz9620620
4Johan Swartz262490
OK Orion 5H35
1Ola Samuelsson1811103
2Jan Svensson2062057
3Ola Samuelsson1811103
4Jan Svensson2062057
OK Orion 6H35
1Cecilia Bratt993541
2Niklas Bratt8123666
3Cecilia Bratt993541
4Niklas Bratt8123666