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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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Vimmerby OK (6)

NameClassTeam lineup
Vimmerby OK 1D12
1Stina Svensson2094497
2Jasmine Gustavsson2094493
3Stina Svensson
4Jasmine Gustavsson
Vimmerby OK 1D20
1Moa Erlandsson9990311
2Julia Arvidsson928000
3Moa Erlandsson9990311
4Julia Arvidsson928000
Vimmerby OK 1H21
1Per Erlandsson9700702
2Erik Erlandsson9010928
3Per Erlandsson9700702
4Erik Erlandsson9010928
5Per Erlandsson9700702
6Erik Erlandsson9010928
Vimmerby OK 1D35
1Anneli Arvidsson449503
2Petra Pettersson239254
3Anneli Arvidsson
4Petra Pettersson
Vimmerby OK 1H45
1Patrik Arvidsson440949
2Torbjörn Svensson
3Patrik Arvidsson440949
4Torbjörn Svensson
Vimmerby OK 1D55
1Agneta Olivestam2021312
2Karina Svensson2075474
3Agneta Olivestam
4Karina Svensson