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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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OK Vivill (6)

NameClassTeam lineup
OK Vivill 1D12
1Lea Friberg443508
2Emelie Bägeby443510
3Lea Friberg443508
4Emelie Bägeby443510
OK Vivill 1H12
1Elias Thunberg443515
2Oskar Andrén Skoglund443504
3Elias Thunberg443515
4Oskar Andrén Skoglund443504
OK Vivill 1H14
1Albin Samuelsson225725
2Linus Bägeby443502
3Albin Samuelsson225725
4Linus Bägeby443502
OK Vivill 2H14
1David Wieslander443512
2Tor Lindqvist2059058
3David Wieslander443512
4Tor Lindqvist2059058
OK Vivill 1D16
1Vendela Lönkvist8010316
2Clara Samuelsson225723
3Vendela Lönkvist8010316
4Clara Samuelsson225723
OK Vivill 1D20
1Olivia Lönkvist8225714
2Kajsa Isidorsson225797
3Olivia Lönkvist8225714
4Kajsa Isidorsson225797