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Competitors entered to DM, sprintstafett, Småland

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Name: DM, sprintstafett, Småland
Organiser: Bredaryds SOK
Date: Saturday 10 June 2017

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IF Hallby SOK (4)

NameClassTeam lineup
IF Hallby SOK 1D14
1Frida Mouchard2107125
2Andrea Lundell433789
3Frida Mouchard2107125
4Andrea Lundell433789
IF Hallby SOK 1H16
1Erik Granath344507
2Emil Granath8200303
3Erik Granath344507
4Emil Granath8200303
IF Hallby SOK 1H21
1Lars Lundström7880210
2Johannes Eklöf306978
3Lars Lundström7880210
4Johannes Eklöf306978
5Lars Lundström7880210
6Johannes Eklöf306978
IF Hallby SOK 1H45
1Fredrik Mouchard7640349
2Johan Granath8170567
3Fredrik Mouchard7640349
4Johan Granath8170567