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Competitors entered to DM, stafett, Örebro län

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Name: DM, stafett, Örebro län
Organisers: Laxå OK / Örebro Läns OF
Date: Saturday 22 September 2018

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Lindebygdens OK (7)

NameClassTeam lineup
Lindebygdens OK 1HD12
1Oliver Arnesson435837
2Lovisa Thybeck8080805
3Axel Thybeck8070131
Lindebygdens OK 1D35
1Sofia Carlsson2065337
2Hanna Arnesson352082
Lindebygdens OK 1H45
1Jonas Kling435836
2Patrik Thybeck2065364
Lindebygdens OK 1H55
1Eddie Israelsson2065367
2Henrik Hallor626614
Lindebygdens OK 2H55
1Lage Jonsson2077378
2Bengt Wisén2065304
Lindebygdens OK 1H75
1Gert Ingvarsson435842
2Lars Ivan Carlsson2065306
Lindebygdens OK 2H75
1Asta Sjöberg2065338
2Roland Nord25020