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Competitors entered to Vintercup, Pan-Kristianstad

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Name: Vintercup, Pan-Kristianstad
Organiser: OK Pan-Kristianstad
Date: Sunday 3 December 2017

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FK Göingarna (15)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Ann-Katrin AlmquistFK Göingarna2 banor446071
Håkan AxelssonFK Göingarna3 banor672425
Hilda AxelssonFK Göingarna3 banor961860
Hjalmar AxelssonFK Göingarna2 banor8060515
Louise AxelssonFK Göingarna3 banor717478
Håkan GunnarssonFK Göingarna3 banor761207
Jesper HåkanssonFK Göingarna4 banor1008402
Magnus LarssonFK Göingarna4 banor9670106
Bertil OttossonFK Göingarna2 banor910018
Anders SelinFK Göingarna4 banor16277
Camilla SelinFK Göingarna2 banor26690
Edvin SelinFK Göingarna3 banor8030901
Svante SelinFK Göingarna2 banor8001001
Tuva SelinFK Göingarna2 banor8050913
Wilmer SelinFK Göingarna2 banor8100100