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Competitors entered to Vintercup, Pan-Kristianstad

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Name: Vintercup, Pan-Kristianstad
Organiser: OK Pan-Kristianstad
Date: Sunday 3 December 2017

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OK Pan-Kristianstad (16)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Emma BergmanOK Pan-Kristianstad3 banor912189
Ebba BjörkOK Pan-KristianstadGul bana18511
Johannes BjörkOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor18510
Göran FastOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor1218542
Katarina FastOK Pan-Kristianstad1 bana1334770
Anna-Lisa HanssonOK Pan-KristianstadGul bana28667
Tommy HautopOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor9520818
Johanna KarlssonOK Pan-Kristianstad3 banor7922001
Frida LindebergOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor12654
Andreas NilssonOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor41557
Erik NilssonOK Pan-Kristianstad1 bana9041005
Marianne NilssonOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor408750
Roland OffrellOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor8001962
Raimo SalminenOK Pan-Kristianstad2 banor354710
Martin SjöbergOK Pan-Kristianstad3 banor13690
Markus SvenssonOK Pan-Kristianstad4 banor860000