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Competitors entered to Sprinthelgen

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Name: Sprinthelgen
Organiser: OK Orion
Date: Tuesday 5 June 2018 - Wednesday 6 June 2018

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Ronneby OK (40)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Fabian AnderssonRonneby OKH161020503
Gustav BäcklundRonneby OKÖppen motion 79781009
Hanna BäcklundRonneby OKD122057257
Hugo BäcklundRonneby OKH102093559
Kajsa BäcklundRonneby OKÖppen motion 12093591
Maja BäcklundRonneby OKD142057288
Rune BengtssonRonneby OKH7512373
Arvid BlomsterRonneby OKH162050851
Helena BlomsterRonneby OKD452065372Etapp 1, Etapp 2
Mathias BlomsterRonneby OKH20990629
Sara ElfvingRonneby OKD45700413
Per EngqvistRonneby OKH6511805
Arvid EricssonRonneby OKH129070309
Ingemar EricssonRonneby OKH21740409
Oskar EricssonRonneby OKH149005102
Håkan ForsmanRonneby OKH55560619
Jennie FridRonneby OKD162050945Etapp 1
Roger FridRonneby OKH451408117Etapp 1
Simon GiselssonRonneby OKH208010821
Carl GlivesonRonneby OKH121418122Etapp 2
Christian HåkanssonRonneby OKH219741012Etapp 3
Meja HåkanssonRonneby OKD10741000Etapp 3
Roland KarlssonRonneby OKH752126005
Elias LindströmRonneby OKH101080223Etapp 1
Torgny LindströmRonneby OKH21730619Etapp 1
Ingemar MånssonRonneby OKH55591016
Ann-Christin Nero ForsmanRonneby OKD551571127
Birgitta OlssonRonneby OKD65611004Etapp 1
Emil RingRonneby OKH129061103
Hanna RingRonneby OKD169020829
Denys ShcherbakovRonneby OKH211007048
Yevheniia ShcherbakovaRonneby OKD211601757
Olle SjösäterRonneby OKH5528688Etapp 3
Ingrid E StrömRonneby OKD651521007
LarsOwe StrömRonneby OKH65448518
Gullevi SvenssonRonneby OKD651213148
Hannes SvenssonRonneby OKH14812368
Jörgen SvenssonRonneby OKH55631115Etapp 2, Etapp 3
Linus VernströmRonneby OKH149040312
Wille VernströmRonneby OKH129060112