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Competitors entered to Västgötapremiären

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Name: Västgötapremiären
Organiser: Ulricehamns OK
Date: Sunday 29 March 2020

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

Hestra IF (30)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Alice AronengHestra IFD211998511
Jan HildingHestra IFH501414485
Marie-Louise HildingHestra IFÖppen 51414475
Rasmus HildingHestra IFÖppen 32104256
Annica HolstenHestra IFÖppen 1354386
Moa HolstenHestra IFD162063885
Ulf HolstenHestra IFH55259045
Elsa IngemarssonHestra IFD122058324
Erik IngemarssonHestra IFH189700700
Filip IngemarssonHestra IFH16444094
Johan IngemarssonHestra IFH4529954
Maria IngemarssonHestra IFD4529951
Maja InghammarHestra IFD167040613
Martina JohanssonHestra IFD217940503
Emil KarlssonHestra IFH219909241
Helena LarssonHestra IFD6025363
Sofia LarssonHestra IFD21880501
Max MoritzHestra IFÖppen 71021803
Hanna NilssonHestra IFÖppen 52063807
Klara NilssonHestra IFD162062004
Morgan NilssonHestra IFÖppen 72104273
Pernilla NilssonHestra IFÖppen 32104257
Fredrik PlumppuHestra IFH501996785
Anna-Karin SärénHestra IFD45351484
Albin SundströmHestra IFH168050818
Fredrik SundströmHestra IFH458006548
Johanna SundströmHestra IFD458050517
Melker SundströmHestra IFH128080131
Nanna TorénHestra IFD142093649
Ida WillénHestra IFD218121465


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