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15 events were found between 09/05/2019 and 15/06/2019 with the following selection: Blekinge Orienteringsförbund, Championship event, National event, Regional event, Local event, Club event.

All arena locations are shown with competition areas (yellow) and embargoed areas (red). Remember that as a competitor you are not allowed to visit the competition area, if not explicitly sanctioned by the organiser. Please refer to relevant rules for details.

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Date Event Organiser Regions
w 19Thu 9/5Torsdagsorientering 5OK OrionBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
Fri 10/5
Sat 11/5
Sun 12/5MTBO Blekingecupen #2Ronneby OKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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w 20Mon 13/5
Tue 14/5
Wed 15/5Ungdomsserie 3, Västra BlekingeOK SkogsfalkenBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Ungdomsserien Östra Blekinge 3Ronneby OKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Thu 16/5KM Långdistans för Karlskrona SOK och OK OrionKarlskrona SOKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
Fri 17/5
Sat 18/5
Sun 19/5
w 21Mon 20/5
Tue 21/5
Wed 22/5Ungdomsserie 4, Västra BlekingeStigmännen Karlshamns OKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Ungdomsserien Blekinge östra etapp 4Karlskrona SOKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
Thu 23/5KM-Lång OL TEAMETOL Teamet OlofströmBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Klubbmästerskap Medeldistans för OK Orion och Karlskrona SOKOK OrionBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Fri 24/5
Sat 25/5DM, sprint, BlekingeRonneby OKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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DM, sprintstafett, BlekingeRonneby OKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Sun 26/5
w 22Mon 27/5
Tue 28/5
Wed 29/5
Thu 30/5
Fri 31/5
Sat 1/6
Sun 2/6
w 23Mon 3/6
Tue 4/6
Wed 5/6Sprinthelgen, etapp 1, sprintOK OrionBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Thu 6/6Sprinthelgen, etapp 2, sprintOK OrionBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Sprinthelgen, etapp 3, sprintOK OrionBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Fri 7/6
Sat 8/6
Sun 9/6MTBO, Blekingecupen #3Karlskrona SOKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
w 24Mon 10/6
Tue 11/6
Wed 12/6KM SprintStigmännen Karlshamns OKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
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Thu 13/6Torsdags orienteringKarlskrona SOKBlekinge Orienteringsförbund
Fri 14/6
Sat 15/6