Swedish Orienteering Federation

External services

Central IT system

Eventor is the central IT system of Swedish orienteering. A number of external services are linked to Eventor. These services use the same personal, organisational and user data as in Eventor.

In order to manage an external service, a role is needed. These roles are listed below. Note that you with the Administrator role in Eventor always can manage an external service.

How to get authorization

If you need authorization, contact your Eventor club administrator. A list of club administrator(s) is found under Club >> About the club.

Would you like to update personal, organisational or user data, go via your club's IdrottOnline website. Link to the website is found under Club >> IdrottOnline website.

List of services

Service Role for managementLänk
NaturpassområdenAdministrator, Naturpasset managernaturpassomraden.orientering.se