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About Eventor

Eventor is Swedish orienteering's central IT system, managing events, entries, results and reporting. The system is being continuously developed.

Terms and conditions

Orienteering consists of four disciplines – orienteering (traditional orienteering), ski orienteering, mountain bike orienteering and trail orienteering. A club, which is a member of the Swedish Orienteering Federation (SOFT), is entitled to use Eventor for events and activities that are included in any of the four disciplines. The category events includes international events, championships, national events, district events, club events and local events (“närtävlingar”). The category club activities includes, for example, entries for trainings, camps and club trips.

Eventor may not, without the approval of SOFT, be used for events and activities that are not included in any of the four disciplines.

For international events in Sweden, World Ranking Events (WRE) excluded, special conditions will be handled in a certain contract between SOFT and the organiser.

SOFT provides support for championships, national events and district events. For club events, local events and club activities, limited support is given.

Publication of your name

According to the Swedish competition rules, by your entry to a compitition, you agree that your name is registered in the competition documentation and published in the Internet and in other media, and also that your GPS information goes public.

Personal Details

Eventor obtains personal and organisational details from IdrottOnline, the Swedish Sports Confederation's IT tool for communication and administration. In order to be able to log in to Eventor you need to be registered as a member of your club in IdrottOnline. Find out more here: Help and Support.

The following information is obtained from IdrottOnline:

  • Idrotts-ID (the Sports Confederation's unique person-id)
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Birthday (not the social security number)
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Address (if the member has given their permission)
  • Telephone number (if the member has given their permission)
  • E-mail address
  • The clubs the person is a member of

No offers or advertising from sponsors will be sent without a person's consent. Address details will not be provided to a third party without a person's consent.

Social security number

A number of comments have been received regarding why social security numbers are necessary in IdrottOnline (from which Eventor obtains personal details from). First of all, the social security number is used only once, in order to identify a member. The social security number is then replaced with a unique, so-called, "Idrotts-ID". Thus Eventor never copies the social security number from IdrottOnline.

The decision to identify persons using social security numbers has been taken by the Swedish Sports Confederation, who are responsible for IdrottOnline. The primary reason for this decision is to avoid duplicates in the system. For orienteering, this is especially important when a person changes club, but also with results. For the latter, this means that individuals will now be able to obtain event results and split-times, as well as points in "Sverigelistan", quicker than in the past.

There are other advantages:

  • Address details are obtained from the SPAR-database (the national address database), where address details for individuals are updated monthly. This means that you will not need to provide your new address details when you move. Skogssport (the Swedish orienteering magazine), the invoice for being added to the ranking list, the club's circular and other invoices will be sent to the correct address. Furthermore, the person in a club who is responsible for the database of members will not have to update addresses for members who move, or change name (i.e. after a marriage or divorce).
  • In the future, the social security number for all participants will be required in order to be able to receive LOK-support (support for youth activities in clubs). Use of information from IdrottOnline aids coordination, which saves times for club administrators and junior coaches.
  • As treasurer in the club, you can be certain that invoices you send to members for late entries and DNS's are based on the correct information. This should hopefully result in saving much administrative work.

It would have been possible to try to find another means of identification than using the social security number, however, this would have led to a need for extensive development, and yet would have not resulted in an adequately reliable system. For example, to base identification on solely name and birthday (without the four last digits in the social security number) would result in difficulties since a considerable number of people with common names in IdrottOnline are born on the same day. Furthermore, as already mentioned above, people change name. To reconcile information with a club or association becomes a problem when a person changes club or association. To reconcile information becomes a problem when a person changes address, phone number, etc. Sooner or later duplicates would appear. This is easily avoided by using the social security number, which is unique.

Technical requirements

Eventor is built using accepted standards from W3C, and works together with all modern web browsers, including Firefox 1+, Safari 1+, Chrome 1+, Internet Explorer 6+ and Opera 7+. The latest version of each web browser is recommended for the complete user-experience!


Certain functions in Eventor require JavaScript to be activated in your web broswer. Many functions do not require JavaScript, but the user-experience will be better with JavaScript. It is therefore strongly recommended that you have JavaScript activated. Please consult your web browser's documentation in order to find out how to activate JavaScript.


Eventor uses small text files, so-called cookies, in order to facilitate your use of the webpage. The cookies used are session cookies, which save information about the pages that you have access to while you are logged in. If you choose to allow Eventor to remember your login, permanent cookies are used. Eventor also works with cookies inactivated. You can avoid using cookies by changing your web browser's settings. For more information on how to do this, please see your web browser's documentation.

Advertise in Eventor

There are possiblities to advertise in Eventor. For more information about formats and prices, please visit svenskorientering.se.

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