Swedish Orienteering Federation


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Also, it is often possible to click on a link at the top of each page, which provides you with instructions on using the page. If you want tips and more information about a entry field where you are supposed to provide details, you can hold the mouse pointer over the symbol that lies directly to the right of the entry field.

Guides, FAQ and forum

Below are links to a few guides, the FAQ and to the forum.


Email and phone support

If you cannot find a solution to a problem in the guides or with the available help, nor on the FAQ page or the forum (see above), please contact the Eventor email support, eventorsupport@orientering.se.

For Sverigelistan related questions, use sverigelistansupport@orientering.se.

Do you need someone to talk to, send an SMS to +46732558480 and briefly describe your case. We cannot guarantee immediate support, but will call you up as soon as possible.

Specific O-Ringen assistance

For O-Ringen assistance, contact the O-Ringen office at info@oringen.se, or +46771499000.